Blue Umbrella Ventures


Our Organization

Blue Umbrella Ventures is a bootstrapped organization fueled by our passion to make an outsized impact in the world of autism, neurodiversity, and special needs. Our small research team in India has worked closely with student interns and volunteers to build our database and website, and to begin to reach out to the autism tech companies, investors, and researchers. In the future, we hope to employ and partner with companies that train and employ people with autism to do research, analysis, product design and product testing.

Our Roadmap

We are incredibly excited about what the Blue Umbrella team aims to achieve this coming year. Our plans include:

  • Enabling buyers to discover innovative autism and neuro tech companies
  • Assisting companies with the biggest potential impact who seek solutions to select products
  • Connecting autism companies to buyers and investors
  • Providing advisors to autism companies
  • Consulting with companies holding intellectual property and products that could be useful in the autism space
  • Hosting accelerators, hackathons, and tech meetups
  • Organizing an annual conference

Our CEO & Founder

A self-described social entrepreneur, Dan Feshbach has simultaneously launched successful companies in both autism education and finance. Blue Umbrella is built on almost two decades of experience in the autism sector.

Dan founded Blue Umbrella in order to leverage his experience and network and to use big data and technology to solve the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs focused on autism and neurodiversity — customer access, population insights, access to the autism community, talent, and funding. Dan brings a unique business perspective, a vast network, and endless passion to make a measurable impact on the Blue Umbrella organization and the entire autism tech space. Dan serves as a mentor, advisor, and executive coach to innovators and start-ups that are committed to dramatically improving the lives of people with autism.

Inspired by his now 24-year-old son Reed, Dan co-founded TeachTown in 2004, a digital autism education company that brings apps, training, and cutting-edge technology to educational software and curriculum for children with autism, language impairment, and other special needs. In 2000 he also co-founded the Oak Hill School, a California state-licensed and certified nonpublic school that has served roughly 40 students diagnosed with autism in Marin County, California every year since 2000.

As the founder and CEO of Loan Performance, Inc. — sold to First American Financial (now CoreLogic) in April 2005 — Dan built a nationally renowned expertise in utilizing big data to drive strategy and solve real world problems in the mortgage space. From there, Dan parlayed his big data and executive expertise to co-found MeasureOne, a student and consumer loan data company that created a credit score based on academic data that is positioned to dramatically improve access and affordability of higher education and consumer loans.

Our Team

Dan Feshbach
Blue Umbrella Founder
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
Global Team
Arohi Parikh
India Research Lead
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
Certified Accountant
Corporate finance and academics experience

Me Gha Shah
India Research Analyst
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
Management professional
Equity trading and HR experience
Student Interns, Volunteers, and Contributors
Taeshin Lee
Business Law
Social Impact Focus

LinkedIn: LinkedIn
UC Berkeley Pre-Law 2019

Jihoon An
Business Development
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
UC Berkeley Economics & Linguistics 2018

Kevin Tavangari
Marketing &
Web Development
UC Berkeley Economics 2020
Allison Schoeneck
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
Early-Stage Healthcare Startup focus
B.S. at Columbia University
M.B.A. at Harvard Business School

Richard Fade
Ignition Partners
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
Autism Treatment Network, Co-Founder
University of Washington Autism Center,
Co-Founder and Board Member

Ariel Stern
Harvard Business School
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Harvard Business School,
Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Lollie Dubeil
Behavioral Healthcare
Healthcare Tech

LinkedIn: LinkedIn
2 decades of work in behavioral healthcare
consulting experience on the East Coast

Matt Canon
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
predictive modeling and quantitative analysis,
20 years of experience
Masters in Economics at University of Maryland

Jen Mulry
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
Vidapost, Founder
15 years of special needs experience

Josh Pierce
Socratic Ventures
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
Socratic Ventures, Founder & Managing Partner
M.B.A. at Harvard Business School